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Here is a little life Bio about Josh.

Josh came to us when he was 7 days old. My family had just moved to the Philippines and was living in temporary living (base hotel). My mother had made friends with the maids working there and had talked about adopting a child. My parents had always talked about adoption but little did they know how quickly it was going to happen. On the about the 4th day we were in the P.I. a lady showed at our door with Josh. He was frail and in very bad shape. She asked us if we would like to keep him. My mother held him and fell in love with him immediately. We thought about it for about 2 seconds and decided to process the adoption. It was very difficult at first because we did not have bottles or blankets to take care of Josh. The only thing we were able to find was nipples for bottles but no bottles. My mom would add formula to the nipple as Josh would eat it. It was a very tense time becasue Josh was very sick and malnourished. He was only fed sugar water since the time they brought him to us. Without my dad being a doctor and my mothers experience as a nurse Josh would have likely died. It took time but Josh eventually regained strength and grew into a very normal and healthy boy. Josh is currently a freshman in high school at Amarillo High School, in Amarillo, Texas. He is the starting running back for his freshman team and averages 150-200 yds a game and 1 to 2 touchdowns (notice the picture above, He is the running back in the middle). He also is in track and runs sprint relays and the 100 meter dash. Josh is very active in several Church youthgroups and travels frequently. He does have the occassional Teenage attitude but nothing more than any other kid (sometimes:)
I have shared this with you because many of my friends have met Josh, and if you havent hopefully some day I can introduce you. I have loved my little bro as my own since he came into our family and wanted you to know what he has meant to me. God Bless Love you Josh!

Josh knows better than to sleep when his older brothers are around. Baby got back!!!


This page is dedicated to J.R.